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Yura Yungi took the lead role early – COVID 19

A Triage Tent is erected near the Reception Area of Yura Yungi

Yura Yungi should be congratulated for taking the Local Lead Role very early during the COVID-19 Epidemic.

On a local level they have been without a doubt the leader. The pro-active activities they were involved in and they are still playing a major role in are:

  • Community Education daily on what COVID-19 is and what to do should they develop symptoms (our team is rostered to reach out to the different sections of our community)
  • Health promotion messages on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 around social distancing, hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing into their elbow area
  • We have had to multi-task to provide a culturally appropriate response to COVID-19 whilst maintain the delivery of our core primary health care services
  • YY has played a leading role to ensure government responses were tailored to the needs of our community and to engage respectfully and sensitively with our community
  • YY is represented on the Incident Report Group (HC Shire, Police, Housing CPFS, Hospital) which has been set up specifically to develop local solutions and to establish a culturally appropriate coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Joint approach with YY, Halls Creek hospital and HC Police to develop appropriate processes to strengthen work practices
  • Advocating for funding from Govt to purchase basic infrastructure and emergency relief packs to support people who have gone back out to country to keep safe
Yura Yuni Health Workers in front of IGA providing information and Hand Sanitizer
Education and Putting Isolation Measures into Practice with Yura Yungi Staff


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