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WA Electoral Commission Distribution Commission 2019 – Review of State Electoral Boundaries

Former Supreme Court judge the
Hon. Eric Heenan, Q.C

Preliminary preparations are now underway for the next review of Western Australia’s State electoral boundaries.

The independent Distribution Commission appointed to conduct the review comprises:

• Former Supreme Court judge the Hon. Eric Heenan, Q.C;

• Mr David Kerslake, Western Australian Electoral Commissioner; and

• Mr Tom Joseph, WA Government Statistician.

Commission Chair Eric Heenan has advised that the process will commence formally on 11 March 2019, the midpoint between the previous and next State general election.

At that point the Commission will take a snapshot of enrolment levels in all districts to check which ones exceed the permitted variation under the Electoral Act of 10% above or below the overall State average.

‘Based on current indications, a degree of change is to be expected in most cases’, Mr Heenan said.

‘At the present time it appears that 11 of the State’s 59 Lower House districts are outside permitted enrolment levels. Confirmation of the exact position will be known after 11 March 2019’.

There will be extensive opportunity for public input before the new boundaries are finalised.

The Commissioners will advertise on 30 March 2019 allowing 30 days for public submissions.

Suggestions received will be published to allow others to comment and there will be a further opportunity for public comment on the Commissioners’ proposed boundaries once they are drafted.

‘At the previous Distribution in 2015 the Commission received almost 300 suggestions.  All such public input will be carefully considered before the new boundaries are finalised,’ Mr Heenan said.

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