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Tough new dangerous sex offender laws pass Lower House

Hon. John Quigley MLA
Attorney General

The McGowan Labor Government’s dangerous sex offender laws have passed the Legislative Assembly today (September 14).

The laws, which will now be debated in the Legislative Council, will make Western Australia’s dangerous sex offender regime the toughest in Australia.

They include a range of significant changes to bring the legislation more in line with community expectations.

Attorney General John Quigley said:

“WA Labor made a promise to the people of WA that we would make it tougher for dangerous sex offenders to be released into the community and we are honouring that commitment.

“The purpose of this Bill is to strengthen the protections that existing legislation affords to the community.

“The amendments include reversing the onus of proof so that prisoners will bear the burden of satisfying the court that they will substantially comply with all the standard conditions of any Community Supervision Order.

“We have also introduced a presumption against bail for dangerous sexual offenders who are charged with breaching a dangerous sexual offender supervision order.

“These individuals will not be released on bail unless there are exceptional reasons why they should be granted bail.

“Importantly, for anyone who breaches a supervision order, that person will be brought to court by a warrant of arrest and not a summons. This further protects the community by ensuring there is no delay in bringing such matters before the courts.

“The McGowan Labor Government has moved swiftly to introduce significant reforms to make our laws the toughest in the country.

“I am hopeful that the Liberals treat this with the same urgency and importance as the McGowan Labor Government and the Bill has a smooth passage through the Upper House.”

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