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Shire CEO – Replies to Open Letter *A Must Read*

Noel Mason
Shire of Halls Creek

Following on from the open Letter sent to the CEO of the Shire of Halls Creek (See that story by CLICKING HERE)

The CEO has replied to that letter. We have published the letter in reply ‘verbatim’. I personally thank Mr Mason for taking the time to reply!

However, we have one sticking point with regard to Question 1. We were aware that this item remains sealed as a “Confidential Item”.

I am sure that given the track record of some of the Councillors, locals are feeling a little shaky about this decision, I believe in the interests of transparency, this “Confidential Item” needs to be made public, as soon as possible. It is time to clear the air.

The CEO’s reply is below!

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    • That’s a very good question. Why are they keeping this a secret?. They need to make this so called confidential minute/resolution public and the sooner the better for all concerned.

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