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QUESTION: What do you think about the Halls Creek Hospital?

Eva Johnson standing next to the grave of her Grand Daughter

On Sunday 4rd of February 2019, A simple question was placed by us to our members on the Halls Creek Herald Digital Community News and Information Group page.
The question was simple. What do people think about the Halls Creek Hospital?
Well the comments came in thick and fast, some positive and a lot of negative comments.

Here’s some of the comments from our FaceBook Group Page:

“The high turnover of doctors would be one concern if we were still in town- understanding of ongoing medical needs, language barriers for some etc. That’s why YY might be a better option for people’s ongoing medical needs and hospital for emergency and specialists like in the cities.”

“Besides, the hospital hands out panadol like lollies. What about people’s liver & kidneys? I worked in Primary Aboriginal Health for 10 yrs at YY & we were extra cautious about even panadol.”

” I had good experiences when I went there was looked after well”

“I have had no bad experiences at the hospital in HC… actually I have been treated very well and on some occasions I didn’t have to wait long.”

“It’s not about the hospital it’s about the people that work in the hospital. In Halls Creek and in YYMS too. “

“I have lots of information of the past and present of the Hall’s Creek Hospital what I’ve seen how people have been treated with respect and without respect”

So the comments were quite mixed.

A couple of long time Halls Creek locals, Eva Johnson and her daughter Miranda Gore wanted to go on the record about their experiences with the Halls Creek Hospital.

Below are the following:

  1. Audio Only Recorded Interview
  2. Audio & Visual Graphics Recorded Interview



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