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Progress urged on Ord Stage 2

Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan has urged Kimberley Agricultural Investment (KAI) to sign lease documentation provided by the State Government to get Ord expansion plans underway.

KAI was last week provided with a final form of the various lease documents for the next phase of its agricultural expansion.

The State has been working with KAI to finalise the lease since 2015.

Once signed, the State Government has undertaken to move immediately to issue land titles to enable KAI’s proposed grain grading and processing plant to proceed as quickly as possible.

Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan said:
KAI’s investment has transformed the Ord but it is also true that in excess of $300 million of taxpayer money has been invested in Stage 2 and the public interest needs to be protected.

“After several years of negotiation and considerable compromise by the State Government, it is time for KAI to sign the lease, move on and let this project enter its next phase.

“We create a positive environment for international investment in Western Australia but we do require that agreements entered into around that investment are honoured.

“We look forward to working with KAI and believe it is in everyone’s interest for years of negotiation to now be brought to a conclusion.”

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