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Ngoonjuwah Creek might be in trouble

Ngoonjuwah Creek now creating pools and not draining properly

For those of you who do not know, the water course called Ngoonjuwah Creek runs behind the garden area, then crosses the road just before the rodeo ground and snakes around the back of Nicholson Town Camp.

The creek has remained untouched for many years until some time in 2018 when it alleged the shire interfered with mother nature.

This whole issue was raised on our FaceBook Group page Halls Creek Community News and Information  Page

It appears that the creek has had it’s water course changed which has led to the creek acting in some places like a dam. It was not opened up properly, thus the water does not run out of the creek the way it should and used to do.

This has created still water pools which are becoming contaminated very quickly with mosquito larvae and no doubt other water borne aquatic nasties plus the ever present danger of drowning.

It is without a health risk and parents should not allow any child to play in these pools until such times as this man made problem is solved.

It is alleged that the problems with Ngoonjuwah Creek started when the Shire blocked off the original water course and made a little track around with a loader.

Mounds of earth lay across the water course at Ngoonjuwah Creek

If this is the case, the Shire or whomever was responsible should rectify this problem promptly in the interests of the community at large.

Where are all of the Health Experts?

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