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Midnight swims could lead to a tragedy

Having fun during the day at the swimming pool (Aquatic Centre) – Halls Creek

By Gerard Willett

It is common knowledge among a lot of Halls Creek locals that breaking into the swimming pool and taking a swim after hours is quite common place.

My greatest concern is that one of these nights one of these kids is going to get into trouble and end up drowning or seriously injuring themselves.

I understand that the Shire is aware of this practice, however it continues on a regular basis. It would be interesting to know what steps the Shire is taking to secure the pool overnight.

I see some real issues with the midnight swimmers and that is the legal liability the Shire would face if heaven forbid a child or adult should drown or seriously injure themselves in the swimming pool at night, after hours.

Many years ago, for those who remember, Halls Creek has a security company GTS Security, that patrolled all of the Shire assets and they did a pretty good job.

They also secured commercial premises for a fee every night and kept those break and enters down to the bare minimum.

Perhaps some enterprising person can acquire the correct licences and open up a night security patrol for Halls Creek as they did years ago. It worked then, and I am sure it would work now.

I will end my saying this, this practice needs to stop, and stop quickly in the interest of safety. Not to mention the possible loss of a persons life.

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