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McGowan Government must step up and protect our farmers

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food
Ian Blayney MLA

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Ian Blayney MLA is again calling on the State Government to protect Western Australian farmers and their families from the malicious activities of animal rights activists.

Mr Blayney said farmers across Western Australian were living in fear of reprisals if they spoke out about or acted against extreme vegan activists who illegally trespass on their properties.

“The threat to farmers was stepped up dramatically a few weeks ago with the launch of Aussie Farms Map but we’ve still not seen any action from the McGowan Government to protect farmers, pastoralists and their families,” Mr Blayney said.

“The fact that activists have intensified their activities again this week by harassing a farmer who is running a legitimate business has heightened the concerns of farmers about their right to farm.

“Our farmers have a right to do business and they do not deserve to have their homes and businesses invaded by people who have no right to be there.”

Mr Blayney said this latest incident demonstrated the potential for extreme activist activities to escalate to a point where the consequences were dire for both the activists and farmers.

“Extremists cannot continue to target and attack our farmers, without there being some sort of consequences,” Mr Blayney said.
“These activists are putting the safety of the farmers, their families, themselves and even the livestock they claim to care so much about at grave risk,” he said.

“The Government must start protecting farmers from animal rights activists who break the law.”
Mr Blayney said that the Government should have months ago begun formalising protections for farmers and pastoralists.

“The Government’s lack of urgency in adopting measures to protect farmers and their families shows their complete disregard for the agricultural sector,” he said.

“Farmers have every right to feel neglected and forgotten when this Government continues to ignore all the warning signs.”

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