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Lost – Unmarked Graves in Halls Creek a Real Concern

“I am very concerned about this. This is just not on. This without doubt is very bad management by the Shire. How could they lose track of where our loved ones are buried?”

That was the post we wrote on our FaceBook Group page that started quite a lot of comments coming in from members.

Here are some of the comments from our FaceBook Group Page members:

  • “It is sad cos we don’t know exactly where our loved ones are buried. It is a process trying to get all the available records but at least it’s a start. As a community we can all work together towards getting this sorted out. In respect of our loved ones gone before us.”
  • “So much for “Record Keeping”
  • “This is disgusting even if a grave is unmarked the Shire should have a record of the names of people that are buried there”
  • “I’d like to know location of my Dads grave. Shire couldn’t give me any information when I contacted. Buried there 2009”
  • “This is terrible not really making any sense at all”
  • “We have been trying to identify unmarked graves for a long time. Family members don’t know or have forgotten where relatives are buried”
  • “How cruel, disrespectful, undignified, couldn’t care less attitude this shire council is When it comes to LOCAL Aboriginal people…it can be a very harrowing experience for Indigenous families. What kind of a record keeping they have, not a very good one by the sounds of it!”
  • “As a community we should work together to sort this issue out, because family members do want to go and do up there loved ones graves. It was bought up at a recent Meeting I held.”

Either way, this issue has to be resolved, purely in the interests of plain decency. So these lost souls can finally rest in peace.

The CEO of the Shire Noel Mason became aware of these posts on our FaceBook Group page and responded with this letter below.



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