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Kimberley Dental Team (KDT) Back in the Kimberley May and August

KDT will be back in the East Kimberley in May and again in August this year.

Over the past 10 years the Kimberley Dental Team has been providing a free service for aboriginal children and their families as well as providing toothbrush packs for school toothbrushing programs to all schools across the Kimberley.

In 2019 KDT has 2 separate trips scheduled and plan to cover many communities right across the region. We will visit Halls Creek during the May and August trips with dentists at the Hospital Dental Clinic.

This is our schedule:


Halls Creek:       13th – 17th May    (with visits to Ringer Soak 14th May and Yiyili 16th May)

Kutjungka:        20th – 24th May   (Billiluna: Monday, Tuesday  Balgo: Wednesday, Thursday Mulan: Thursday)

Warmun:            27th – 28th       (with a visit to Frog Hollow 29rd May)

Halls Creek:      29th – 31st May


Halls Creek       12th – 14th August

Fitzroy    15th – 20th August (Fitzroy School 15th and 19th August and Bayulu School 16th and 20th August)

Muludja  21st August

Mowanjum    22nd August

Pandanus Park    23rd August

We are very excited because this year is our 10 year anniversary of starting KDT and the team coming in August are our original first clinical team who came to Halls Creek in August 2009 so we will be doing some celebrating.

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