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Jungarni-Jutiya working around barriers during Covid-19 to support the community

A familiar sight around Halls Creek The Night Patrol Bus

Earlier this month, Jungarni-Jutiya was working hard to send people back to their community, as we believe people’s community is the safest place for them. In partnership with Department of Communities we have sent in excess of 75 people back to their communities, via plane, bus and private vehicle.

We also have been doing phone appointments for Financial Counselling to ensure all of our clients are able to access the necessary services during Covid-19. Recently JJ created a Service Window for anyone needing assistance with banking or any other services that we offer. We have been utilising Night Patrol by working in Partnership with IGA and other shops to encourage people to stay home by delivering their shopping to their house. This has positively impacted those who are most vulnerable to this virus, our elderly.

Thrive is another service that operates in Jungarni. Through continuous cleaning advice and delivering yard maintenance equipment to ensure our clients are supported through these times. Jungarni-Jutiya has other initiatives for the near future including the distribution of cleaning packs to the Halls Creek Community with the intention to reach out to the more remote communities as soon as safe to do so.

Through the joint effort with other services in town, Shire of Halls Creek, Nirrumbuk, Anglicare and local suppliers, we are empowering the community to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and also provide help during this time. Through information and education we are encouraging people to stay home and safe.

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