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Is it time to Lift or Modify the Alcohol Restrictions?

By Gerard Willett

As many people know, I was not in favor of the Alcohol Restrictions placed upon Halls Creek going back all most 10 years ago now.

I am a non drinker, the issue I had is purely the erosion of a persons rights. Halls Creek, Derby, Kununurra and dare I say Broome should have the same rights and privileges as people living in Perth, or any and many other towns and cities across Western Australia and in fact Australia.

At the time, I was Chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce and we spearheaded attempts to try alternatives, like a Licence or permit to Consume Alcohol, so at least those sensible drinkers could still have some sense of not feeling that they had to suffer because of the stupidity of others.

But alas, the fight was lost and personally this whole ordeal nearly killed me.

At the time Barnett and the Liberals were in power in WA, and those among the Labor Party talked the talk and walked the walk that they would take a look at this problem when they get elected.

As usual with politicians of any persuasion they did nothing.

This is what I posted on our Halls Creek Community News and Information Group Page in reply to another members asking why they can’t or won’t lift the alcohol restrictions


“My concern is this. These alcohol restrictions were supposed to be over turned or at least looked at when Labor came back into power in WA.

They have done nothing, it is in their too hard basket.

I don’t hide the fact that I am a labor supporter.

However the state Labor party has been extremely disappointing with their governance. On the other hand, they are not as bad as Barnett and the Liberals were.

The Halls Creek residents were in favor of a Licence style system like they have in certain parts of the NT, however, this all fell on deaf ears.

Progressive governments are too afraid to even try. The goody-two-shoes folk would jump on them.

Progressive governments rely on reports and data from the Health system and Police to uphold their decision making. I might also add, data and reports can be skewed in any direction, that seems to be the case here.

These politicians all need to grow some “you know whats” and actually find a sensible solution and run with it.

Alas, as I have said many times before, politicians are like dirty nappies, they need to be changed often.”


The interesting fact is that statistics concerning alcohol related injury and/or violence for Perth and other larger metropolitan cities are just as bad as they were in Halls Creek in fact if the truth be known they are worse than ever. However our gutless politicians don’t want spend money in places like Halls Creek. There is just no votes in it for them. They “pork barrel” money and services into towns and cities where the population and voters are. How spineless! But politics has always been a dirty game!

Also, very recently a friend of the Halls Creek Herald asked a group of around 15 kids who were roaming the streets late at night why they were not at home? The general consensus among this group of kids was this. “We don’t feel safe at home and they said this is because their families are drunk and leaving doors open and anything can happened to them. They also said there are strangers at their house drinking with the parents and they don’t feel safe.”

Is that the truth?

Or playing devils advocate here!

Is it because these kids don’t like discipline and would rather roam the streets at night and thumb their noses at their parents and become juvenile offenders travelling in packs?

I believe that somewhere in the middle, lay the truth.

With all of that being said…… Is it time for these restrictions to be lifted or amended?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Email us: editor@hallscreekherald.com



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