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How 15,000 lives have been changed by everyday Aussies

In 2012, Matt Henricks launched the Helping Hands Program with the aim of helping landmine victims all over the world.

Just over six years later, he has now donated 15,000 prosthetic hands to people who have lost a hand and changed their lives.

The Helping Hands Program is a unique team building activity where every-day Australians literally build a prosthetic hand, in groups of three, in just two hours.

“Over 45,000 incredible Australians have now taken part in team building activities and have built 15,000 genuine prosthetic hands that we have donated to people in desperate need all over the world.

“We’ve had over 2,000 organisations throughout Australia participate in these team building activities. We’ve had multinational companies, small and / medium businesses, school groups and even Rotary clubs. Every participant walks away with a tremendous sense of satisfaction, knowing that they have changed someone’s life”, said Matt Henricks, Founder, Helping Hands Program.

There are still over 100 million active landmines in 60 countries around the world. Most of these landmines are left over from wars that finished many years ago and the victims are everyday people.

Henricks has travelled to Cambodia and India to distribute hands personally to just some of the 300,000 landmine victims throughout the world.
Every hand built is quality checked to ensure they are assembled correctly. A range of stringent checks are performed and once the prosthetic hands have passed that inspection they are shipped to the areas where they are most needed.

“My next goal is to have donated 20,000 hands to landmine victims by 2020”, concluded Henricks.

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