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Christmas Lights Competition -2018

By Siobhan Casson

Christmas Eve 2018 saw the return of the Christmas Lights Competition in Halls Creek after a 3-year break. Due to the generosity of the sponsors – Horizon Power, East Kimberley Job Pathways and Kimberley Hotel – we were able to offer some great prizes.

With the town quiet over the Christmas Holidays, and the competition not running in previous years, we only had 4 entries.

Judging this year was done by 3 teams. Naomi Ivala with her young team of Ioana Ivala-Kotua and Tearhani and Rihani Kotua; Graham Gordon and Charmaine Munro from Halls Creek Hospital; and Tania Phillps-Handford and Ashlee Barker from the Kimberley Hotel. They were asked to score out of 5 on colour, movement and originality, with an extra point available for using solar lights. None of the teams discussed their scores to make it fair.

1st Prize of $1000 from Horizon Power was won by Fr John at the Catholic Church. He outdid his efforts of last year, and even suffered from heat exhaustion after putting up roof lights in 42°c heat! Fr John says he will be sharing the winnings by making donations to local projects.

2nd Prize, a $400 yard clean up from EKJP, was won by Ethel Woodhouse, who had a team of grandchildren helping. Their display was very colourful and included Santa landing on the roof.

3rd Prize was a $250 dinner voucher from the Kimberley Hotel. This was won by Sarimah Malay and Craig Dempsey, whose display used the most solar lights.

The runner-up entry was by Sisters Alma and Theresa, whose lights created a wonderful atmosphere on Thomas Street. Their display included a flashing Christmas tree made by Debbie Dicks. A donation will be given to the Op Shop on behalf of the Christmas Lights Committee.

See images below!

The effort put into all entries was fantastic and contributed to a seasonal atmosphere in town. The competition will definitely run next year, and we hope to see the number of entries increase. Start planning now!


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