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Bring your ideas to life on a Churchill Fellowship

Bring your ideas to life on a Churchill Fellowship.

Passionate Australians who want to challenge the status quo to create or make a positive impact on Australian society can bring their ideas to life in 2019 by applying for a Churchill Fellowship. This unique, prestigious yet accessible award is presented to more than 100 Australians each year, enabling them to travel overseas for four to eight weeks so they can meet and work with leaders of influence to gain and exchange knowledge and experience for the betterment of themselves, their industry or community and Australia.

No prescribed qualifications are required in order to apply for a Churchill Fellowship and the scope of topics that can be proposed is limitless, provided a benefit to Australia is evident and a willingness to share the knowledge gained is demonstrated.

Churchill Fellowships have been offered in Australia since 1965 to perpetuate and honour the memory of British Prime Minister and war-time leader, Sir Winston Churchill. High international regard for the connection between Churchill and the award given in his name provides recipients with access to expertise that is not typically available to everyone.

CEO of the Churchill Trust Adam Davey says that at the heart of the Fellowship is the passion, drive and determination that Churchill Fellows share – characteristics that capture the unique spirit of the award’s namesake. This is what the Churchill Trust looks for in applicants at interview.

“What is great about the Churchill Fellowship is that it allows the applicant to create the project they wish to investigate and choose who they want to meet, to address what is important and urgent for their specific community. This often aligns with current or emerging issues of local, regional or national importance in Australia,” said Mr Davey.

“Fellows return from the experience with strong global networks that provide them with the support and confidence to make an impact, and while progress can take time, Fellowships provide the ongoing base knowledge and motivation to achieve what they never thought possible.”

This year, the Churchill Trust is also very pleased to be offering some new sponsored Fellowships specifically for aspiring Indigenous applicants, one in partnership with Community Sector Banking to explore the interaction between indigenous peoples and the not-for-profit sector, and one for First

Peoples working in the public service sponsored by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

Community Sector Banking is also sponsoring a new Fellowship specifically for leaders in the not-for-profit sector and funding provided by Auto Skills Australia has enabled the Churchill Trust to establish a new perpetual Fellowship to support the automotive sector and its allied industries.

Last year 112 Churchill Fellowships were awarded with a combined value of over $3.1 million. Mr Davey encourages Australians from diverse backgrounds to apply for the award. “Our Fellows come from all walks of life. Some are experienced veterans in their field while others are ambitious people forging a new direction, all striving to achieve positive change,” he said. “They are making a difference every day across all aspects of Australian life, addressing an incredibly broad and diverse range of topics and issues.”

A national roadshow of information sessions for people interested in applying is visiting 32 locations this year, commencing on Tuesday, February 12, in Sydney and continuing around Australia until late March.

The free sessions provide a timely opportunity to listen to the inspiring experiences of Churchill Fellows and gain helpful advice on how to apply. For  more information and to book visit churchilltrust.com.au/events

Applications for a 2019 Churchill Fellowship can be made online from Friday, February 1. Applications close Tuesday, April 30. For more information visit churchillfellowships.com.au

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